I have been racking my brain to figure out how to express my gratitude to the man that saved my life: MY ONCOLOGIST. A novelty mug and fridge magnet with “ I heart your work” didn’t really seem to cut it. In actual fact, I think I hit him on the arm on the way out of the room after my final chemo and said “Well Doc, thanks for saving my life” ….SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.. what poetry! I’m sure he has that masterpiece sewn into tapestry somewhere.
My Doctor is a dead set legend! He knows every detail about me including my blood count ( bit stalker-ish but hey, whatever floats your boat) and has been my own personal drug dealer, phycologist, comic audience and most importantly, he was my liberator of life…yet I know nothing about him. The most powerful part of all of this and something I find hard to mentally digest, is he gave up a lot of his days and some of his nights for me to have more time to live out mine. He didn’t know me before I came to him desperately seeking help, answers and a fucking miracle! yet he treated me the same way I would a fellow drunk chick in the toilets on a night out –  BFF’S
My Doc pretty much works 24/7 (like most I’m sure, but mine is way cooler than yours) hand delivering complete strangers back into the arms of their families. Each one of us individual warriors in our own right with a different tragic tale of heartbreak and anguish but as a group, we all have one very fundamental thing in common… we are here because of him. Now I can tell you for a fact that to my Doc it’s just all part of his job, he probably doesn’t want any recognition nor does he expect it and saving our lives just blends into his day like his morning expresso ( He’s a lot like Batman )…but I can tell you right now, if my children were old enough to explain the magnitude of what he has given back to them, then he might be able truly appreciate what I owe him. I know he does this daily, which is for the lack of a better word AMAZBALLS, but I want you to know if you are reading this Doc :…You gave me my world back, my babies and my life and I will never , ever forget that or you. I don’t know how to thank you and I know I was a pain in your ass asking the hard questions like: Can I still dye my hair? and will I get big muscles with all the Roids? but you were all the hope I had and I hung on every word you said ( even though you said no to both of those important questions – spoil sport )
I know its not over for me or our new found friendship ( lucky you ) but I wanted to take this opportunity to honour you Doc. Thank you for being you and thank you for giving up time with your own family, so I can stay with mine. I heart your work man! …Can I get a tattoo?

One thought on “IOU

  1. ridlertiffany says:

    Have you come up with something yet? He might not want anything material, maybe you could make visits to help others he sees have more hope, or at the very least give them a laugh, or be a buddy for someone to reach out to that has been in your position.


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