2 thoughts on “NO WORDS, JUST WATCH

  1. ginniseton says:

    Thank you for posting that. I needed to see that.
    I’m recently diagnosed with god awful appendix cancer and I’m a mum of young kids. The terror is all consuming and it’s 24/7. I’m told my Cancer is aggressive and it’s spread & now I’m endlessly waiting for a date for big surgery. Hopefully soon cos knowing I have active cancer right now is scary shit. I’ll come back to ur blog. Sadly it seems we have a lot in common. But hey let’s find ways to laugh in the face of Cancer. Fuck you cancer. We are mums and u have no fuckin idea of what u are dealing with. No idea of our enormous strength. We will hang in their and find joy. All the best hon XX Lee


  2. Maria Banfield says:

    Wow, this is very powerful……I love it…..Kama will take care of itself…the dreams will come to you!! Thanks for sharing Amy, such a powerful message……everyone needs to see this message! mwah xx ❤


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